Green Valley High School Class of 1944

Photo of 1943/1944 Green Valley High School class

Front row (L–R):
Paloma Lucero (Dillon), Betty Larimore (Kirkby), Jean Parr (Schertz), Leatrice Lohman (Small – lives in England), Mary Jane Mount (Flintz), Grace Flexsenhar (Brennan), Lenora Smith (Deiss)

Middle row (L–R):
Ruth Dean (Shannon), Jan Christie – died young in Macomb, Maxine Pfeiffer (Derry), Marjorie Chitwood (Friedrich), Betty Deiss (Harris)

Back row (L–R):
Nelson Hilst (living), Edward Drake (living – works for Powerton); Merle Woodrow, Joseph Meyers, Reinold Bowlby, Lawton Harmon, Harlan Dillon (living), Virgil Van Nattan

Not Pictured: Clayton Seelye

Note: All comments above dated October 2019.

Originally posted as October 2019 Mystery Photo.

Our thanks to Grace Hutton Hoerr for naming all the students in the
1944 Green Valley High Class Photo!