Marriage Dissolutions
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Starting in 2021, Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society (TCGHS) is receiving the same daily feed of granted marriage dissolutions (divorces) from the Tazewell County Clerk as is sent to local newspapers for publication. The list will be updated on an annual basis.

TCGHS Members may search this list.

Note: Due to county & state restrictions, TCGHS is unable to obtain copies of records less than 20 years old. You must apply for those records directly from the Tazewell County Clerk's office.

We cannot guarantee any name on a marriage dissolution (divorce) is the person you’re looking for.  Please see our research services if you need further research done.

The index consists of three fields:

    1. Date of Dissolution - date the  divorce was granted
    2. Petitioner - spouse who filed for the divorce
    3. Defendant - the other spouse

TCGHS members may search the online index below.  Here are some tips on how to do searches.

Online Marriage Dissolution (Divorce) Index

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Search Tips:

  1. All columns may be sorted by clicking on the triangle in the column header.
  2. As you enter criteria into a search box, the display will automatically change to show only matching rows.
  3. Use the upper Search Box to search the entire database.  For example, if you enter "Dillon", the display changes to those rows that contain any Petitioner or Defandant whose name contains "Dillon".
  4. Use the boxes at the bottom of each column to limit your search only to that column's content. Suggested uses:
  • Date of Dissolution- look for time periods you are particularly interested in
  • Petitioner - limit the rows displayed to just those names you are interested in.
  • Defendant – limit the rows displayed to just those names you are interested in.
  • Combination - by placing criteria into multiple boxes you can do more sophisticated searches such as all  Dillon divorces which occurred in January.  However, don't forget to use the clear filters button at upper right to delete any earlier searches or you may get unexpected results!

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